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What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a system of exercise that traces its roots back to ancient China. It has great benefits in our fast paced modern world, aiding relaxation and improving both physical and mental health.

Tai Chi is based on Taoist philosophy which arose out of ancient Chinese shamanistic tradition. It is based on the principals of Yin and Yang.

Through a series of focused movements and breathing techniques Tai Chi has powerful beneficial effects on the mind and body.

Who can do Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and abilities. The movements are all gentle and low impact. Although often thought as an exercise done by the elderly Tai Chi is of benefit to all ages. Students are encouraged to perform all exercises to their own limits and gradually build up strength and flexibility.

What is the Lee Style?

Lee Style is a family style that was brought over the UK before the Cultural Revolution. Chan Kam Lee taught Chee Soo his family style of Tai Chi after they met by chance in London. Chee Soo dedicated his life to preserving and teaching this art. After Chee Soo passed away the Taoist Cultural Arts Association was created to continue the teaching of the Lee Style.

What does a class consist of?

A typical class consists of a warm up, Tai Chi dance, partner exercises, Taoist yoga (K'ai men) and Tai Chi form.

Where can I find out more?

There are a number of books written by Chee Soo about Tai Chi and the other Lee Style Arts. They can either be ordered at the class or from the seahorse books website. Tai Chi is a practical art so the best way to find out more is come along and try it for yourself.

Taoist Cultural Arts Association

The Taoist Cultural Arts Association is a non profit making organisation whose aim is to promote the Lee Style arts. Once you have registered you can attend any of the association's classes which include weekend courses and increasingly popular week courses in Cornwall. The association also teaches Feng Shou Kung Fu, Chinese Medicine and Massage.



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No classes on the 10th or 17th April as it’s the Easter holidays. Next class is 24th April.

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